Translation Services

Translation involves the written word. Translating your content is key to reaching your clients, making sure they truly understand your message and engaging them long term.

If you need a written document translated into another language, contact me for a free quote. I have experience translating a wide range of materials, including but not limited to: newspaper articles, technical manuals, websites, product descriptions, contracts, business proposals. My fields of expertise are: travel, energy, business, economics, politics, international cooperation, railway transport.

I carry out extensive research for each assignment to find the relevant terminology and I always abide by the agreed upon deadlines.

Contact me for a free quote! We can discuss your situation and find the best solution to your needs.

I am a native Italian speaker. I have lived and studied in the United States for 5 years, acquiring a near-native level of English. I have lived and studied in Russia for 2 years overall, and I have an advanced level of Russian. Therefore, my working languages are as follows: Italian <> English, Russian > Italian, Russian > English. When needed, I work in close cooperation with trusted colleagues to provide translation and proofreading services of the utmost quality.

Contact me to discuss your event and language needs, let me help you find the solution that suits you best!

Translation fees depend on several factors: languages, volume, subject matter and delivery deadline.

Contact me to discuss your translation needs and we will find the solutions that suit you best!

I am a professional translator and I abide by the code of conduct set forth by many professional organizations in our field. I prepare extensively for every assignment, researching the terminology and context.

I ask for background material to ensure my translation is of the highest quality and accuracy, therefore if you have any, please remember to share them with me. All the information I come in contact with during my preparation and during the performance of my duties is confidential.

I have the utmost respect for my clients and my colleagues, which I also show abiding by the agreed upon deadlines.

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To discuss a project or request a quote, just get in touch. I will be happy to talk about your interpreting or translation needs in further detail. I look forward to hearing from you!

With her advanced language skills in Russian, Chiara helped us in all stages of the project and delivered top-notch interpretation to and from Russian. She was always extremely professional, she prepared extensively for every assignment, and showed excellent analytical skills and attention to details. Overall, it has been a true pleasure working with her.

Koen Liekens
Project Manager, Focus Reports